New Permission System for Doubletop & Graham in 2020

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New Note

Please follow these instructions to the letter

After many years as head caretaker for the Gould Family, Bill Scholl has recently retired.

The new caretaker is Bill Fiedler / (607) 221-1277

If Mr Fielder doesn’t answer, leave a polite voicemail with your full name and number, requesting permission to hike on Doubletop and/or Graham on whatever day you plan to go. Bill will advise that you hike on the land at your own risk.

Starting in 2020, you will see the note above in the canister book at Doubletop, and in the trail register at both peaks. Doubletop and Graham have been beset by unannounced hikers. This is a problem. The Gould family have for many years allowed us to hike on their private property, but there are some legalities to observe.

“Please sign in with the name you gave the caretaker. If a group, sign in as a group with the caller’s name first.”

Bill would also like everyone to stay on the old access road to Graham and the main herd path to Doubletop.

The new caretaker plans to cross-reference permission with sign-ins, so please list the name of the person who called first, with your group sign-in. Our continued access is conditional on following this protocol.

A few times a year, both mountains are closed to hikers.

Keep an eye on this website’s Restrictions Sidebar for up-to-date info about closings.

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