Rooster Comb

Rooster Comb is a lower peak that offers stunning views of the surrounding Adirondack High Peaks.

Peak Details

Height:  2,762ft  (842m)

Range:  Adirondack High Peaks

Level:  Difficult

Scenic:   Very  

Trail Type:  Fully Trailed

 Rooster Comb Hiking Trails & Hikes

large glacial boulders and trail signage in forest pointing to Rooster Comb

Rooster Comb

The trail to Rooster Comb in the Adirondacks is relentlessly uphill but also quite short. Enjoy 3 fantastic lookouts, each more stunning that the last.

 Seasonal Notes for Rooster Comb

Cold Months

You will absolutely need microspikes any time there’s snow or ice on this mountain. The trail is steep the whole way, and there are sections of open slab rock near the summit.

 Rooster Comb Topography

 Summit Forecast: Rooster Comb

The page URL below shows the weather at Rooster Comb’s summit for the next six days.

If a foreacast for a peak is not directly available, this page may display a link to a nearby location.

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