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I send out an email newsletter at least once a month, but I’m refining my process so I can get one out most weeks. The goal is a regular Wednesday morning delivery, to help you plan your weekend. Bear with me. I’ll get there.

Zero spam, just an inspiring mix of hiking trails and hiking news

  • Latest Hike Reports — detailed hiking trail descriptions with high-res photos, trailhead info, etc.
  • Weather Tips — what to expect, what to bring
  • Popular Content — what people are reading on the site right now
  • Trail Mix — hiking news and info from the Catskills, Adirondacks, and beyond
  • Backcountry Rescues — whose butts the DEC and Forest Rangers have saved lately
  • Snippets — screenshot candy
  • Coming Soon — see what content is about to pop

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  • Coming Soon — I’ll be adding some sweet content for newsletter subscribers only!

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