Catskills Trail Conditions

cabin in snow on mountain summit

Hunter Mountain summit cabin

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Catskills Trail Conditions Reports

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32 responses to “Catskills Trail Conditions

  1. Jan 23 / PANTHER SUB SUMMIT / Bushwhacked a super steep ridge of Panther to its eastern sub summit (2846’ on NYNJTC maps). Snowshoes the whole way. At least a foot of snow for most of the route. Exhausting, beautiful terrain.

  2. Jan. 20 KAATERSKILL FALLS from Laurel House Road. Ice and snow from the PA to the falls, spikes needed. We also started hiking on the Escarpment trail but shortly before you reach Layman’s Monument you will need snowshoes. If you head down the Rail Trail from the Laurel House Road PA, looks like you will need snowshoes for most of that trail too.

  3. Jan 22 / SLIDE / From Oliverea Road / Snow is completely powdery rather than icy and crusty like it is in lower elevations, but snowshoes not needed. Packed down enough to walk on without sinking or posthole-ing. Snow is still covering the trees once you get to the alpine forest. Looked like a winter wonderland. Parking lot completely packed. People double parking and parking on the road.

  4. Jan 22 / SLOAN GORGE / Stayed down low today. Trail was well broken in and hardened. Spikes only for the full loop.

  5. Jan 22 / BALSAM MOUNTAIN from Rider Hollow – plenty of snow, Snow shoes the whole way! Deepest snow was heading up to the summit. Clear blue skies today.

  6. Jan 14 / Windham High Peak / From Peck Road / the 1st mile of the trail was covered in ice / spikes are definitely required for that section / after the pine tree forest there was about 6 inches of snow in the ground it got deeper as I reached the summit / no clear views from any of the overlooks since it was snowing

  7. Jan 14 / ARIZONA MOUNTAIN & BLACKHEAD / From Stork’s Nest Road / Conditions were quite volatile on the Escarpment today; wind chills were freezing and strong albeit occasional. Less than an inch of snow until the col between Arizona and Blackhead … then, random snow drifts up to 6-8 inches at times! I used microspikes above 3500 feet and until I returned to Dutcher Notch. I imagine snowshoes will be handy after Sunday night’s storm …

  8. Jan 13 / TACONICS / Bash Bish Falls and Sunset Rock / Very little snow and ice on the trails but I did use my spikes hiking down to the falls, because the trail was iced up. For the rest of the day, I was able to bare-boot.

  9. Jan 8 / BALSAM / From Rider Hollow / Slippery snow and not much ice but the spikes were necessary. Not a cloud in the sky and the views were beautiful.

  10. Jan 8th / Indian Head and Jimmy Dolan Notch from Platte Cove maybe an inch of snow to start, thick layers of ice heading up towards the notch and towards the summit. Micro spikes the whole way. About 3 inches of snow after the notch heading up to the summit.

  11. Jan 8/BALSAM LAKE MOUNTAIN – FIRETOWER/From Dry Brook Ridge Trailhead on Mill Brook Rd/ 14° at trailhead, 22° at tower. Consistant 2″ of snow for the entire route with occasional icy patches hidden under snow on the lower trail below the gate, with substantial icy patches above the gate. Few people. Crystal clear skies with little to no wind at the tower base and a slight breeze just under the tower cabin. A magical day!

  12. Jan 6th Hunter via Becker Hollow. Just a dusting of snow. Maybe an inch or two near the summit. Ice past 3500ft needed spikes from there.

  13. Jan 7, Hunter via Becker Hollow. A few inches of snow up top with a lot of ice underneath! I wouldn’t do it without spikes. Trekking poles were super helpful too

  14. Jan 8 / DIAMOND NOTCH / Only an inch or so of snow on the trails. Easy beautiful hiking. Didn’t venture above 2750’ today. Microspikes to the falls and then up to Diamond Notch.

  15. Jan 4 / ARTIST’S ROCK, SUNSET ROCK, & NORTH POINT / From North-South Lake Campground / mostly ice free with some frozen streams along the way. Spikes aren’t needed yet. Since the campground is closed for the winter, the trails are quiet and peaceful. It was such a lovely day!

  16. Jan 3 / BLACKHEAD / From Big Hollow Road / Freezing cold with icy patches towards the top, but we were able to get around them without using spikes. Views were clear and beautiful.

  17. Jan 3 / INDIAN HEAD via Devil’s Path / from Platte Clove / no snow or ice at the beginning, but becomes extremely icy towards the top. Just a bit of snow in sections. Spikes are necessary, gaiters saved me from some wet socks! Also visited Plattekill falls. The path was safe (no ice) and the fall was beautiful

  18. Dec 23 / BALSAM CAP & FRIDAY / From Moonhaw / No snow or ice down low, but up high it was a magical winter wonderland. Spikes above 2700’. No need for snowshoes.

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