Catskills Trail Conditions

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Rips Rock from Winter Clove Inn / super scenic mountain views

Rip’s Rock panorama

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Catskills Trail Conditions Info

Check the forecast from several sources to make an informed decision about your next hike. Use to feel out if it’s too cold to hike or too windy to hike. If it’s wet, it’s Catskills mud season. If it’s October, it’s time for some incredible Catskills Fall Foliage.

Catskills Weather: East

Forecast for the town of Hunter, NY, at 1700 feet. This forecast is a proxy for general conditions in the Eastern Catskills at lower elevations — not for summit conditions.

HUNTER Weather at 1700ft

Catskills Weather: West

Forecast for the town of Seager, NY, at 2000 feet. This forecast is a proxy for general conditions in the Western Catskills at lower elevations — not for summit conditions.

SEAGER Weather at 2000ft

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Catskills Trail Conditions

If you’ve been on a Catskills hike in the last few days, please add your Catskills Trail Conditions report below for our community. Comments are moderated before they post so there’s no abuse.

Your comment can include the following helpful information:

  1. The DATE of your hike — all caps “JAN 1” format is fine
  2. The NAME of the MOUNTAIN(S) — all caps helps the name pop
  3. The ROUTE you took
  4. The CONDITIONS you found — ice, snow, mud, problems, or lack thereof!
  5. Any NOTES you’d like to include — did you enjoy your hike?

108 responses to “Catskills Trail Conditions

  1. JUL 9 / OVERLOOK MOUNTAIN / From Platte Clove / The trails were already very muddy to begin with, but then and incredible storm blew through and drenched the whole area.

  2. JUL 2 / VROMAN’S NOSE / Loop trail from north side. / Unsettled weather brought low clouds and rain showers to The Catskills — and the mosquitoes were out in force too, so pack your bug spray!

  3. MAR 19 / Black Dome & Thomas Cole via Lockwood Gap / Cold cold cold but the trench was in great condition — apart from postholes on either side the whole way! Less traffic between Black Dome and Thomas Cole meant the trench wasn’t as well defined, but BD and Blackhead are fully broken out.

  4. MAR 11 / VAN WYCK LOOP / From Route 42 (Peekamoose Road) / Spikes through Bear Hole Brook then snowshoes the rest of the way. This was just before the big nor’easter hit.

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