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Truly Formidable | Truly Epic

One of the most difficult hikes in the Catskills

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Tranquil | Rugged | Scenic

If you love solitude, wildlife and fantastic views, this is the hike for you

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Moderate | Beautiful | Scenic

A super-rewarding hike to a spectacular vista

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Mountain Meaning

John Muir

“Over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.”

— John Muir

Moderate Hike | Stunning Views

One of the finest hikes in the Catskills

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A long steep tough hike

This hike tackles both routes on Hunter’s very steep eastern side: the rugged Devil’s Path and the relentless Becker Hollow

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Unsung | Rugged | Classic

A first-rate Catskill mountain with one of the best scenic views in the Park

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Beautiful | Scenic | Family-Friendly

A short, super-easy hike almost anyone can do — with fantastic terrain and scenic views

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Easy | Beautiful | Memorable

One of the most beautiful trails in the Catskills

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The Classic High Peaks

The Traditional List of Catskills Peaks Above 3500’

Most people start hiking the Catskills by climbing a few High Peaks: Indian Head, Slide Mountain & Balsam Lake are popular starting points. Here are the 35 summits you’ll need to bag if you want to join the 3500 Club.

Catskill High Peaks

The Best/Easiest Mountain Hikes

The Very Best Hikes You Can Do in the Catskill Park

These lists are a curated selection of the most rewarding hikes you can do in the Catskills: the best of the High Peaks, the best of the lower peaks, the best trails and bushwhacks. It’s an awesome time, every time.

Best Hikes Easy Hikes

Wilderness Safety Basics

Planning Tips, Kit Lists, Emergency Numbers

Start safely, hike well, and finish in one piece. Here’s everything you’ll need: your clothing, your kit, how to plan a safe hike in every season, the best apps, what to eat, what to bring. It’s all the advice in one place.

Stay Safe

Or Start Here…

With hundreds of miles of hiking trails and countless bushwhack routes, there are so many ways to hike the Catskill Mountains

Apart from the two lists above — the Classic High Peaks and the Best Catskill Hikes — you can also view a list of All Catskills or go directly to Easiest, Moderate, Difficult or Hardest peaks

Sorry I can’t make new mountains — but I add new hikes every week

Recommended Reads

View of Slide Mountain

Trail Terms: Mountain Terrain

Trail Terms: a glossary of the most important mountain hiking lingo. This page tackles basic mountain terrain jargon.

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Red Blaze on the Devil’s Path

Hiking Pace Formula: How Long Will My Hike Take?

One of the simplest things you need to know about any hike is: how long will it take? Knowing a planned hike’s duration is crucial to being able to figure out what to bring in terms of safety supplies, water and food.

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map / compass

Kit List: The Ten Essentials

The ten essentials is a list of items you should carry on every trip into the backcountry. This essential gear can keep you safe and on track. In an emergency, it might save your life. You may not need these items on every trip but, if you only ever need them on one trip, you’ll be so relieved you packed them.

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Blackhead Range

The 3 Best Ways to Not Die in the Catskills

Every month, people get into trouble in the Catskills, almost always because they are under-prepared. Here are the three best things you can do to stay safe on your hike, while making sure you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

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Two backpacks

Backpack Basics

Your backpack is a fundamental and very personal choice. There are lots of excellent brands to choose from. Take your time. Do the research. I started with a small, cheap, generic pack but, very quickly, my needs outgrew it…

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Hiking Kit List

Kit List: Basic Mountain Hiking Gear

While hiking gear can change from trail to trail, and from season to season, the following items will serve you well on every hike. They are a fleshing out of The Ten Essentials (the absolute bare minimum you should pack for every hike).

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Hiking News & Culture

via ferrata

The Great Twin Reroute Controversy of 2019

Until the middle of 2019, the trail from Pecoy Notch to the northern summit of Twin Mountain included a difficult rock ledge that required a semi-technical lift. The lift itself depended on a single tree root as a handhold. It was super fun.

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hwa lice on hemlock

Catskills Hemlocks Under Threat

Spend any time in the Catskills and you’ll see how special our hemlock groves are, and how unique their micro-environment is. Learn about Hemlock Wooly Adelgid and how you can help.

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sign with warnings on tree

COVID-19: New York Pushes Back Opening State Campgrounds until June

According to the DEC’s 2020 Campground & Day Use Area Schedule, all state campgrounds will remain closed until at least June 1. ”To reduce potential community spread of COVID-19, all campgrounds, and pavilions are closed to overnight visitation through May 31.

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screenshot of best iPhone hiking apps

The Best Hiking Apps for 2020

These are the best hiking apps I’ve come across to date — broken into four categories: navigation/planning, field identification, photography, and fun. Whether you enjoy easy scenic trails or challenging mountain hikes, these apps will help you plan, plot and prepare for your next adventure.

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Circle W Market

Best Places to Eat in the Catskills for Hikers 2020

This up-to-date list of the best Catskills cafes and restaurants will help make your next Catskills hike extra-awesome I love Phoenicia Diner on Rte 28 for a glorious post-hike chow. So many great dishes, and their Bourbon Milkshake is such a fantastic adult treat.

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New Note

New Permission System for Doubletop & Graham in 2020

After many years as head caretaker for the Gould Family, Bill Scholl has recently retired. The new caretaker is Bill Fiedler / (607) 221-1277 If Mr Fielder doesn’t answer, leave a polite voicemail with your full name and number, requesting permission to hike on Doubletop and/or Graham on whatever day you plan to go.

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