Welcome to the Golden City of San Francisco, a place where urban charm meets wild, natural beauty — and some of the greatest hiking trails in the United States,

San Francisco is often celebrated for its historic streets and cultural landmarks, but it’s also a gateway to an array of breathtaking outdoor experiences.

From the misty trails of Muir Woods to the panoramic heights of Mount Tamalpais, each path offers a unique adventure where the spirit of the city meets the wilderness.

San Francisco Hikes with Views

In this new San Francisco section, I’ll guide you through the majestic redwood cathedrals of Muir Woods National Monument, where the silence is as profound as the trees are tall.

Muir Woods National Monument boardwalk
Muir Woods National Monument

Ascend the storied slopes of Mount Tamalpais, affectionately known as Mount Tam, offering vistas that stretch across the undulating Pacific. And for those who seek to conquer more diabolical summits, Mount Diablo awaits, a monolith that provides unparalleled views of the Bay Area.

But that’s not all. This expertly curated list of the best hikes in the Bay Area will take you on a journey across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, where the Pacific air and the city skyline blend into an unforgettable hiking experience. Explore Lands End’s labyrinth, wander the cliffs, and gaze out at the endless ocean.

Find urban tranquility atop Bernal Peak, where the cityscape lays itself before you in a tapestry of life and light.

Bernal Peak is one of the best San Francisco hikes
Bernal Peak is a tiny San Francisco gem

Climb the green slopes of San Bruno, where the heart of the Bay Area pulses beneath you. And uncover the hidden trails of Rhinehardt State Park, where every hike is a story waiting to be told.

Traverse the Steep Ravine, Dipsea, Matt Davis Loop

Steep Ravine hike trail near San Francisco
Steep Ravine trail

Experience the rugged coastal wilderness at Año Nuevo Point, and feel the untamed beauty of Tomales Point, where the land stretches into the sea, and wildlife flourishes in the salt-kissed air.

Each trail guide, complete with detailed descriptions, maps, and essential tips, is designed to help you unlock the full splendor of San Francisco’s hiking landscape.

Hyper-Detailed Trail Guides for the Best San Francisco Hikes

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor drawn to the city’s allure, this collection of San Francisco hikes is here to transform your outdoor explorations.

So lace up your boots and prepare to discover a side of San Francisco that few get to see. These hikes are more than just walks; they’re journeys through the essence of Northern California.

With Mountain-Hiking.com as your guide, the trails of San Francisco beckon — where will you begin your adventure?

San Francisco Hikes

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