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The Best Hiking Apps for 2020

These are the best hiking apps I’ve come across to date — broken into four categories: navigation/planning, field identification, photography, and fun. Whether you enjoy easy scenic trails or challenging mountain hikes, these apps will help you plan, plot and prepare for your next adventure.

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Winter Hiking Gear: hat, gloves, ice axe

Winter Hiking Gear List

Winter mountain hiking in the Catskills is spectacular — the snow-blasted woods, the bleached landscape views, the harsh elements that test your mettle — but the days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the temperature is lethal. The stakes are way higher: a lack of preparation or a missing piece of kit could mean death in a very short time.

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The Ten Essentials

The original “Ten Essentials” list was developed in the 1930’s by mountaineers. Back then it was conceived as a list of specific items. These days the list takes a systems approach, with categories of items which you fill out according to your own preferences.

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The 3 Best Ways to Not Die in the Catskills

Every month, people get into trouble in the Catskills, almost always because they are under-prepared. Here are the three best things you can do to stay safe on your hike, while making sure you’re prepared in the event of an emergency.

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Hiking Kit List

Basic Mountain Hiking Kit

I used to leave one thing behind pretty regularly. So I started using my phone’s notes app to keep track of what I need to pack. I have the following hiking checklists in a single note so I can quickly tap off items.

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