Walking After Meals reduced blood sugar

Surprising Reasons to Walk After Every Meal

Here’s why you should make walking after meals a ritual.

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High Falls Conservation Area

What is Soft Hiking?

A refreshing perspective on outdoor experiences, emphasizing mindfulness, accessibility, and personal enjoyment.

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Four kinds of water bottles seen from in front / overconsumption in the outdoors

Overconsumption in the Outdoors: How Brands Push Unnecessary Products

One constant upgrade push that really bugs me is the promotion of water bottles targeted at hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Overconsumption drives climate change.

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dark stout from a catskills brewery

Best Breweries in The Catskills

With a growing number of world-class breweries calling the Catskills home, beer lovers have plenty of reasons to visit.

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solo woman female hiker hiking

Advice for Solo Female Hikers: Persist

Women hikers often face pushback for heading into the wilderness alone. It’s time to call it what it is.

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Wooden boardwalk in spring forest

The Trail to Inclusivity

Not everyone is on board.

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hiker in snowy woods

Survivor Bias

Survivor bias in hiking is a safety issue. So is an optimism bias.

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I asked AI to generate a painting of farmers market in the style of Thomas Cole, LOL, this is not that

13 Remarkable Catskills Farmers’ Markets

Catskills farmers’ markets are numerous and rich affairs. Here’s your up-to-date list of the best and brightest markets in the region.

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rangers respond to injured hiker in snowy conditions

Rescue on Suicide Mountain in The Catskills

Underscoring the difficulty of hiking Sugarloaf Mountain’s western approach in winter, a hiker was debilitated by an ankle injury, kicking off a complex dozen-Ranger rescue mission.

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Clayton “Peg Leg” Bates performing

A Brief History of Black Excellence in the Catskills

While best known for its iconic landscapes, The Catskills area has also been the site of important and often overlooked stories of Black entrepreneurs, entertainers and vacationers.

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fire tower shot from below

Catskills Fire Tower Challenge 2023

Everything you need to complete the Catskills Fire Tower Challenge.

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stone ruins, catskills, Rochester Hollow

Death in Rochester Hollow

The 69-year-old from Clinton Corners was hiking with two friends when he collapsed.

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collage of characters from the best hiking movies

15 Best Hiking Movies, Ranked Perfectly

Want to watch the best hiking movies? This list spans multiple genres: comedy, horror, adventure, social criticism, biography, and spirituality. But it’s hiking all the way…

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mountain scenic view

How Indian is Indian Head?

Native American communities were forced out of The Catskills by the Indian Removal Act, signed into law in 1830 by President Andrew Jackson.

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news clipping

The Fried Chicken War of 1881

The Fried Chicken War is quality ding-dong Catskills drama. Oh, the shade!

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