36 Best Hiker Restaurants in the Catskills

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Circle W Market

Circle W Market Palenville

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Situated within easy reach for New Yorkers craving a break from the city’s bustle, The Catskills and the Hudson Valley have become a magnet for exceptional food.

Increasingly, these areas are attracting NYC expats who bring a slice of the city’s culinary innovation to quaint main streets, set against the backdrop of the region’s rolling hills and serene country roads. This migration has given rise to a vibrant mix of restaurants, from nostalgic establishments serving classic Americana to modern eateries offering inventive dishes that highlight the bounty of local ingredients.

Long celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes and as a haven for nature enthusiasts, The Catskills region has evolved far beyond its storied past of all-inclusive resorts reminiscent of Dirty Dancing.

Today, this region beckons adventurers to explore beyond their cozy inns and Airbnbs, offering not just pristine mountain trails and fresh air but also a burgeoning culinary scene that rivals the best. From hot dinner spots that will have you browsing Zillow out of sheer aspiration to breweries with stunning mountainside views and upscale general stores with gourmet finds, The Catskills contain a treasure trove of dining experiences waiting to be discovered.

As you delve into the culinary heart of The Catskills, this guide promises to be your compass, leading you to the best restaurants worth pulling into after a long hike. Whether you’re escaping the city for a weekend getaway, on the hunt for the perfect antique, or simply exploring the scenic beauty of New York State, I’ve got you covered.

From seasonal delights to the warmth of fireside dining, discover why The Catskills is fast becoming a culinary destination not just for locals but for food lovers everywhere.

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Route 28: Boiceville, Mt Tremper, Phoenicia, Big Indian, Arkville

Great if you’re heading to Balsam Lake, Slide, Panther, Wittenberg, Peekamoose, Table, etc.

This storied route, framed by the lush landscapes of the Catskills, is not just a path through nature’s splendor but a journey through a burgeoning food scene that marries the rustic charm of the mountains with the sophistication of contemporary cuisine.

From the catch of the day to the brews with a view, the culinary offerings along Route 28 are as diverse as the landscape itself, featuring hot dinner spots, innovative breweries, and general stores that redefine rustic luxury.

These locations are listed as they appear on Route 28 as you drive east to west.

Whether you’re fueling up for a hike or toasting to a day well-spent in the great outdoors, let this guide to Route 28’s best restaurants, bars, and breweries be your compass to the culinary treasures nestled in the heart of the Catskills

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East Catskills: Kingston, Woodstock, Saugerties, Cairo

Great if you’re heading to Overlook or the Eastern Devil’s Path: Indian Head, Twin, Plateau, Sugarloaf, etc.

Welcome to the eastern gateway of the Catskills, where the vibrant towns of Kingston, Woodstock, Saugerties, and Cairo serve not just as starting points for your hiking expeditions but as destinations for some of the most compelling dining experiences in the Hudson Valley.

This region, easily accessible to nature-starved New Yorkers and visitors alike, offers a taste of the extraordinary, blending the natural beauty of the Catskills with an evolving culinary scene that’s as diverse as the trails themselves.

Here, every meal is an opportunity to celebrate the local flavors, the community of chefs and restaurateurs, and the unforgettable charm of the Catskills.

Tannersville: Devil’s Path

Great if you’re heading to Indian Head, Twin, Plateau, Sugarloaf, Hunter, West Kill. (Also good if you’re hitting the Eastern Devil’s Path when Platte Clove Rd is closed in Winter.)

Tannersville, a vibrant gem nestled in the heart of the Catskills, serves as the perfect basecamp for adventurers tackling the rugged terrains of The Devil’s Path. This trail, known for its challenging hikes and breathtaking vistas, is equally matched by the culinary oasis found in Tannersville and along its pathways.

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The Devil’s Path, with its steep ascents and descents, demands stamina and resilience, making the post-hike rewards all the more satisfying. Imagine descending from the heights of Indian Head or Twin Mountain to be greeted by the warm, inviting atmosphere of Tannersville’s eateries.

Here, every meal is a celebration of the day’s achievements, whether you crave a hearty burger, a refreshing ice cream, or a gourmet dish that tells a story of local flavors and traditions.

Tannersville is more than just a stop; it’s a part of the experience. Its proximity to The Devil’s Path makes it an integral chapter in your hiking narrative, offering not only sustenance but a glimpse into the community that thrives in the shadow of the mountains. From casual bites to sophisticated dining, the culinary landscape here mirrors the diversity and beauty of the Catskills.

Northern Catskills: Palenville, Hunter, West Kill, Windham

Great if you’re heading to West Kill, Windham, Blackhead, Black Dome, etc. (Also good if you’re hitting the Eastern Devil’s Path when Platte Clove Rd is closed in Winter.)

As the gateway to some of the most majestic hikes in the Catskills, including West Kill, Windham, Blackhead, and Black Dome, the communities of Palenville, Hunter, West Kill, and Windham offer more than just stunning natural beauty. They serve as the perfect backdrop for a culinary journey that complements the rugged charm of the mountains with flavors that are as vibrant and diverse as the landscapes themselves.

Each location boasts its unique culinary gems that promise to satisfy your post-hike cravings.

From the simplicity of a morning coffee to the indulgence of a post-hike feast, these towns are your companions on the journey, ensuring that your adventures in and around West Kill, Windham, Blackhead, and Black Dome are as delicious as they are memorable.

Western Catskills: Livingston Manor, Roscoe

Great if you’re heading to Balsam Lake Mountain, Willowemoc Wild Forest, Finger Lakes Trail, Trout Pond, etc.

These quaint towns, nestled amidst rolling hills and lush forests, are not just waypoints for hikers and nature lovers but thriving epicenters of culinary innovation and traditional delights that mirror the rich biodiversity of the region.

I don’t get out to this part of the Catskills much so thank you to Ralph Bressler of CatskillHiker.net for these solid recommendations.

  • The Smoke Joint in Livingston Manor Great brisket and ribs. Take out or dine outside. Quick service.
  • Upward Brewing Company in Livingston Manor A brewery with outstanding burgers. The beers are all brewed on site.
  • The Arnold House in Livingston Manor Pub downstairs is for casual dining and a brew. Upstairs dining room offers a great skirt steak.
  • The Kaatskeller in Livingston Manor
  • Catskill Brewery in Livingston Manor
  • Neon Croissant in Livingston Manor “The best croissants I’ve ever had” / Always busy on weekends.
  • The Walk In / Stumble Out in Livingston Manor Day: “Amazing southern biscuit sandwiches” / Evening: “Craft cocktails and beer, nice wines, and great post-hike fare.”
  • The Junction in Roscoe People rave about this place
  • Roscoe Diner in Roscoe A Sullivan County tradition with an enormous menu. Fabulous deserts.
  • Rockland House in Roscoe Sit down dining outside or get take out. Prime Rib is the star.
  • The Courtyard in Roscoe

Both Livingston Manor and Roscoe celebrate the local, from farm-to-table cuisine that honors the land to traditional dishes that have stood the test of time. Here, every meal is an opportunity to gather, reflect, and celebrate the adventures of the day.

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13 responses to “36 Best Hiker Restaurants in the Catskills

  1. J&J Smokehouse BBQ on Main St. in town of Catskill is really good too! The Piggy Pie was delicious.

  2. Brandenburg Bakery in Livingston Manor 🤤🤤🤤 everything I’ve tried there was soooo good.

  3. The Smoke Joint – Livingston Manor
    Great brisket and ribs. Take out or dine outside. Quick service. Great for after a long hike in the Willowemoc Wild Forest.

    Rockland House – Roscoe
    Sit down dining outside or get take out. All the food is good but the Prime Rib is the star along with the salad bar. Great place to relax after putting in some miles on the FLT.

    Roscoe Diner – Roscoe
    A Sullivan County tradition with an enormous menu including Greek items. Fabulous deserts. Great for after your hike at Trout and Mud Ponds.

    Spiro’s Countryside – Roscoe
    Bring your own alcohol but the food is great and inexpensive. Greek specialties mixed with American cuisine. Vist here after a trip to Huggins Lake or Split Rock.

    Upward Brewery – Livingston Manor
    A brewery with outstanding burgers. The beers are all brewed on site and are sure to please. Stop by after hiking to the fire tower on Balsam Lake Mountain

    The Arnold House – Livingston Manor
    The Pub is downstairs for casual dining and a brew. The upstairs dining room offers a great skirt steak. Realx after hiking at Big Pond and Little Pond.

    1. In Livingston Manor 3 new places opened within the last year or so: The Walk In has amazing southern biscuit sandwiches and the Neon Croissant bakery has the best croissants I’ve ever had! The Walk In turns into the Stumble Out bar at night and offers craft cocktails and beer, nice wines, and great post-hike fare.

  4. The Smoke Joint – Livingston Manor
    Rockland House – Roscoe
    Roscoe Diner – Roscoe
    Spiro’s Countryside – Roscoe
    Courtyard – Roscoe
    Upward Brewary – Livingston Manor
    The Arnold House – Livingston Manor
    The DeBruce – Livingston Manor

    Just to name a few

    1. This is so helpful. What do you like about each of these locations, for hikers especially? (The list is focused on hiker eats, and is not meant to be a comprehensive directory of every eatery in the Catskills, so a note about a few of those places would help me decide what should get included…)

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