Platte Clove Road Winter Access

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Platte Clove Road barrier locked open

Plate Clove Road barrier

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Each winter, from mid-November until the spring thaw, Platte Clove Road is closed to vehicles. A steel gate is locked in place preventing passage up the steep, winding road.

Platte Clove Road is closed to traffic from November 15 until April 15 — or until weather permits and all seasonal repairs are complete.

If you know the road, you know why.

Is Platte Clove Road Open or Closed?

As of 11/15/22 Platte Clove Road is CLOSED for the winter season.

See the Town of Saugerties announcement here. The road will be opened to traffic again in the spring.

You can get information about local road closures on the Ulster County Road Closures page.

Why is Platte Clove Road Important?

For Catskills mountain hikers, Platte Clove Road is often the quickest way to get to the eastern Devil’s Path trailheads, and the trailheads for Kaaterskill High Peak and Huckleberry Point.

When Platte Clove Road is closed, here’s the alternate route you need…

Winter Directions to Platte Clove

Getting to the trailheads from Tannersville takes a little longer, but you can still get to all the places you love:

  • Take the NY State Thruway to Exit 20 / Saugerties
  • From Exit 20, turn right and take Route 32 heading north
  • At 6 miles, stay left to switch to Route 32A (the road bends sharply left)
  • At 8 miles, you’ll be at the traffic lights in Palenville
  • Continue left on Route 32A through Palenville
  • At 11 miles, you’ll pass the trailhead for Kaaterskill Falls at the hairpin turn
  • Drive straight through Haines Falls
  • At 14 miles you’ll get to Tannersville
  • To bypass town, turn left (downhill) at South Main Street
  • Follow this road down — it quickly becomes the western end of Route 16Platte Clove Road
  • At 16 miles, turn sharply left
  • At 19½ miles, you’ll come to Dale Lane which will bring you to Roaring Kill and the Roaring Kill Trailhead for Twin and Sugarloaf
  • At 20½ miles, you’ll come to Prediger Road which acts as the trailhead for Indian Head and Twin mountains
  • Finally, at 21¼ miles, you’ll arrive at Steenburgh Road which is the trailhead for Kaaterskill High Peak and Huckleberry Point

Timing: From I-87/Exit 20 to Platte Clove, this route adds about 15 minutes to your journey.

Bonus: You’ll be driving through Palenville and Tannersville where there are lots of places to enjoy great food in The Catskills.

View of fall foliage from Platte Clove Road
View from Platte Clove Road

Phone Nav Issues

Apple Maps and Google Maps do not update quickly the Platte Clove Road closure status. They’ll route you the wrong way until their data catches up, which can be weeks after the fact.

To avoid disappointment, check this page often and use the alternate route until you hear the road is open for sure.

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