Monument Mountain

Sacred to the Mohican people and their ancestors since time immemorial.

Peak Details

Height:  1,642ft  (500m)

Range:  Berkshires

Level:  Moderate

Scenic:   Very  

Trail Type:  Fully Trailed

 Monument Mountain Hiking Trails & Hikes

View of Devil’s Pulpit from Monument Mountain

Monument Mountain & Devil’s Pulpit

Monument Mountain is one of the Berkshires’ most beloved landmarks.

 Monument Mountain Topography

 Summit Forecast: Monument Mountain

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Monument Mountain Information

Monument Mountain features three scenic trails, each under three miles long, that introduce hikers to the mountain’s unique pale quartzite geology and offer views stretching to Mount Greylock and the Catskill Mountains.

The 1.5-mile Mohican Monument Trail provides a historical journey, passing remnants of Native American trails, stone walls from sheep pastures, old woods roads, and other historic paths. The 0.83-mile Hickey Trail, which starts near the parking lot, is the most direct and strenuous path up the mountain. The 0.62-mile Peeskawso Peak Trail connects the other two trails and provides the best views, where hikers can often spot hawks and bald eagles soaring overhead.

Monument Mountain holds a deep cultural significance, as it was a sacred place for the Mohican people, who left stone prayers on a monument that inspired the mountain’s name. Although the stones are no longer present, the mountain has long inspired artists and writers, including Herman Melville, who drew inspiration for “Moby Dick” after a stormy discussion with Nathaniel Hawthorne on the mountain.

In the 1930s, the area saw extensive logging to support the charcoal industry, and red pines were planted. More recently, the Trustees worked with the Stockbridge-Munsee Community Band of Mohicans to rename the summit and trails. The summit, formerly known as Squaw Peak, was renamed Peeskawso Peak, and the trails were renamed accordingly.

The trailhead parking lot is located on Massachusetts Route 7, north of Great Barrington. For visitors, the trails provide a rich exploration experience that includes rock scrambles and terrifying landmarks like the Devil’s Pulpit, a stone pillar visible from the Peeskawso Peak Trail.

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