The Catskill 3500’s only dud. A boring mountain. You will be bored. A view near the peculiarly-wooded summit is… not too boring? But then you hike down a boring mountain. Bring a non-boring friend to help keep you awake.

Peak Details

Height:  3,587ft  (1,093m)

Range:  Northern Catskills

Level:  Easy

Scenic:   No/Low

Trail Type:  Fully Trailed

 Bearpen Hiking Trails & Hikes

summit of bearpen mountain

Hike Vly & Bearpen

Personal opinion: these are the only two boring Catskill 3500 hikes. Vly has a few small ledges to keep things interesting, barely, but I swear the trailed route up Bearpen has almost nothing to recommend it. Luckily, you can bag both of these hills together on a single, easy out-and-back.

 Bearpen Topography

 Summit Forecast: Bearpen

The page URL below shows the weather at Bearpen’s summit for the next six days.

If a foreacast for a peak is not directly available, this page may display a link to a nearby location.

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