Peak Details

Height:  3,509ft  (1,070m)

Range:  Northeastern Catskills

Level:  Difficult

Scenic:   No/Low

Trail Type:  Bushwhack

Canister:  Yes

 Halcott Hiking Trails & Hikes

snowy trees at sunset

Halcott, Sunset Bushwhack

I didn’t think too much of Halcott when I did it last spring, but this hike changed my mind. There’s a lot to see: the woods are spectacular, the ravines are beautiful and, at sunset, the summit is a Catskill photographer’s dream.

 Seasonal Notes for Halcott


Chest-high nettles in the growing season. Oof. The cold/frost knocks ’em back in the fall. Until then, plan for extra time to work around, or through, this mountain’s infamous stinging stands.

 Halcott Topography

 Summit Forecast: Halcott

No summit forecast available for this location.

Halcott Information

First a word from the locals: because of reasons, Halcott is actually pronounced HAWK-it. Now you know.

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