Remote, rugged, beautiful, scenic

Peak Details

Height:  4,091ft  (1,247m)

Range:  Adirondack High Peaks

Level:  Hardest

Scenic:   Yes 

Trail Type:  Partially Trailed

 Seymour Hiking Trails & Hikes

Seymour mountain hikers in rainy muddy forest

Seymour Mountain Trail Guide

Even in lousy conditions, the long, difficult hike to Seymour Mountain in the Seward Range is super rewarding.

 Seasonal Notes for Seymour


Even in the warm months, hiking the Sewards is a serious undertaking that should only be attempted by strong hikers with good backcountry skills and robust mountain legs.

Once the snow hits in the cold season, a gate at the west end of the only access road for the main trailhead is closed, preventing car access until the spring thaw. Winter hikers must therefore walk in an additional 3 miles to the trailhead, adding a total of 6 miles to days that are already 15 mile minimum days.


 Seymour Topography

 Summit Forecast: Seymour

The page URL below shows the weather at Seymour’s summit for the next six days.

If a foreacast for a peak is not directly available, this page may display a link to a nearby location.

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