Seymour Mountain Trail Guide

Hiking the Sewards means long and treacherous hikes — but they’re so rewarding.

Hike Length: 14.0 miles (22.53 km)

Total Ascent: 2,641ft (805m)

Intensity: Hardest Adirondacks Hike

Route Type: Out-and-Back

Includes: Blazed Trail, Herd Path, Easy Bushwhack, Rock Scrambles, Stream Crossing

Parent Seymour

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Seymour mountain hikers in rainy muddy forest

Hikers descending Seymour’s gnarly herd path

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 A long out-and-back with some navigational challenges.

Even in lousy conditions, this long and difficult hike to Seymour Mountain in the Seward Range in the Adirondacks was super rewarding.

Although the Seward range is remote, the popularity of the Adirondacks 46er challenge means that this trailhead stays busy all season long. Friends and I arrived there before 7am in June and it was already filling up.

The drive in along Coreys and Ampersand roads, through a stunning spruce forest, is an unexpected highlight in itself.

Including rest breaks, we completed this hike in about 9 hrs.

Seymour Mountain Adirondacks

The Seymour Mountain hiking trail in the Adirondacks includes…

  • A long flat walk in via a blazed trail
  • A tough hike up a steep and difficult herd path
  • Classic Adirondack slab scrambles
  • Lots of blowdown
  • Great views of the other Sewards
  • A steep hike down
  • A long flat walk out
  • Once the access road closes for winter, even longer walks in and out!

In terms of overall elevation gain, Seymour Mountain is not killer. But the terrain itself, in combination with the very long walks in and out, makes this hike a difficult hike.

Our last few miles walking out, though easy, were not easy!

Seymour Mountain Trail Notes & Gallery

The elevation profile for this hike says it all. Enjoy a long easy walk in, followed by a steeeeeeeep climb.

elevation profile graphic
Seymour Mountain elevation profile

Our pace walking out was actually slightly faster that our pace walking in — the pull of a well-earned Stewarts milkshake is real.

Coreys Road / Ampersand Road

Coreys Road turns into Ampersand Road, the last three miles of which, leading to the trailhead, are unbelievably lovely…

car driving through spruce forest on the way to Seymour Mountain
Ampersand Road

Ampersand Road is also dotted on either side with at least 10 primitive camping sites, some of which are absolutely spectacularly situated. You’ll see.

These sites are all first come / first served so, if you plan to camp out before or after hiking the Sewards, have a Plan B.

hikers in woods, footbridge
Hikers on the way to the Seward Range

Hiker crossing boulders in stream on the way to Seymour Mountain in the Adirondacks
Hiker crossing stream

Seymour Mountain Herd Path

After 5½ miles (almost 9 km), you’ll come to the junction with the herd path that leads up Seymour Mountain. On this day, it was marked with a cairn that included a bowl.

navigational cairn
Navigational cairn at the bottom of the herd path to Seymour Mountain

From here, the herd path winds through the forest and so begins the steep climb. The herd path is well-worn in. We found it easy to follow.

root-laden hiking trail

There is a lot of blowdown on this trail.

At one point, on the way up, I stood up too quickly while climbing under a fallen tree trunk and took a direct hit to my head. For the rest of the hike, I had a nice red gash up there. I was definitely monitoring myself for a while.

So be careful along here!

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hiking trail

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The parent mountain for this hike is Seymour.

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Trailhead Info for this Hike

Large-ish but very popular trail head that fills up early

Google Maps Location: 44.192148, -74.263527

The map below shows the exact topographic location of the trailhead

Cell Service

There’s decent cell service on the western end of the access road that leads to the trailhead — cell service drops as you drive east. My network is Verizon. YMMV.