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 Little Ashokan

Little Ashokan’s summit is very beautiful. But this is a very sketchy bushwhack peak. For experienced mountain hikers only!

 Little Ashokan Hiking Trails & Hikes

sunset over mountain

Bushwhack from Ashokan High Point to Little Ashokan

The bushwhack to Little Ashokan is one of the steeper and sketchier routes I’ve hiked in the Catskills: craggy ledges, loose dirt and rocks, lots of blowdown. But the summit is magical, and the view it affords it is startlingly beautiful.

The herd path to Little Ashokan is one of the sketchier routes I’ve hiked in the Catskills, particularly the steep hike down Ashokan High Point’s east side where the route to the col is characterized by loose dirt, loose rocks, and lots of blowdown.

On Little Ashokan’s summit I stood in a magical blueberry heath and enjoyed a spectacular view of the Ashokan Reservoir below, framed in back by the long Shawangunk Ridge. FYI, I also saw lots of bear poop.

This is not a causal hike, but a tricky bushwhack that’s recommended only to experienced off-trail mountain hikers.

Peak Details

Height:  2,790ft  (850m)

Location:  Southern Catskills

Level:  Difficult

Scenic:   Very  

Trail Type:  Bushwhack

Canister:  No

 Little Ashokan Topography

 Summit Forecast: Little Ashokan

The page URL below shows the weather at Little Ashokan’s summit for the next six days.

Opens in a new tab/window. Click on the small °F or °C boxes to toggle between US and Metric.
If a foreacast for a peak is not directly available, this page may display a link to a nearby peak.

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