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Hike North Dome & Mount Sherrill

This hike begins with an easy section of marked trail on the Devil’s Path but then switches to one of the most challenging Catskills bushwhacks. The ledges of North Dome will absolutely test your nerve.

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Peak Details

Height:  3,605ft  (1,099m)

Location:  Northeastern Catskills

Level:  Hardest

Scenic:   No/Low

Trail Type:  Bushwhack

Canister:  Yes

 Seasonal Notes for North Dome

Summer & Fall

I’ve only done North Dome in the snow but it’s famous for its nettle stands. Clothing can help but the terrain is very tricky, so it’s easy to take an extra-painful tumble. Pack Benadryl and if alcohol swabs are part of your hiking kit, they’re pretty good at clearing the worst of the sting.

 North Dome Topography

 Summit Forecast: North Dome

The page URL below shows the weather at North Dome’s summit for the next six days.

Opens in a new tab/window. Click on the small °F or °C boxes to toggle between US and Metric.
If a foreacast for a peak is not directly available, this page may display a link to a nearby peak.

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