Windham High Peak

Easy to hike and exceptionally rewarding: an enchanted spruce forest, great views of the Blackhead range, and three superb summit lookouts.

Peak Details

Height:  3,525ft  (1,074m)

Location:  Northern Catskills

Level:  Easy

Scenic:   Yes 

Trail Type:  Fully Trailed

 Windham High Peak Hiking Trails & Hikes

boulders and trees on summit

Hike Windham High Peak from Cross Road

This might be my new favorite way to hike WHP. The easy first mile and the hemlock-rich woods at the start of this route make it such a pleasant way to begin and end this beautiful day hike.

sunset view

Hike Windham High Peak from Peck Road

One of the easiest Catskill high peaks to hike is also one of the most rewarding — with an enchanted spruce forest, great views of the Blackhead range, and three awesome summit lookouts.

Windham High Peak from Burnt Knob

Windham High Peak via Burnt Knob

Hike through rich riparian terrain, crossing a handful of streams, up to a ridge-line that’s peppered with excellent escarpment views — plus a ledge with a breathtaking view of the entire Blackhead range

 Windham High Peak Topography

 Summit Forecast: Windham High Peak

No summit forecast available for this location.

Windham High Peak Information

About Windham High Peak

This mountain really has it all: beautiful trail, scenic lookouts, an enchanted forest — and it’s easy! This is the peak I recommend to anyone who asks about hiking the Catskills for the first time.

It has three excellent routes, two of which are not steep and have no tricky or technical sections:

There’s a lean-to near the intersection of the Elm Ridge Trail and the Escarpment Trail, and at-large backcountry camping is also allowed — campsites must be below 3500 feet in elevation and at least 150 feet away from the nearest road, trail, or body of water. More information can be found at the DEC’s Windham-Blackhead Range Wilderness page.

The Long Path, a 350-mile (560 km) long-distance hiking trail from New York City to Albany, is contiguous with the Escarpment Trail which passes over the summit of Windham High Peak.

WHP is just a super-lovely and approachable mountain that gives new hikers a real sense of the Catskills. It’s also almost always among many long-time Catskills hikers favorite peaks.

Before hiking any mountain, make sure you have everything you need for a safe mountain hike, including the ten essentials and some basic mountain hiking gear.

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