Vernooy Falls Trail Secrets

Secret spots on a popular trail.

Hike Length: 5.1 miles (8.21 km)

Total Ascent: 827ft (252m)

Intensity: Difficult Catskills Hike

Route Type: Out-and-Back

Includes: Blazed Trail, Herd Path, True Bushwhack, Stream Crossing

Parent : Location Hidden

Vernooy Falls / Wet Willy Swamp

Secrets of Vernooy Falls

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The classic trail to Vernooy Falls is a great hike with a fantastic pay-off. But there’s far more to the trail than most people know…

The classic Vernooy Falls Trail is a super-sweet moderate hike that’s just 3.3 miles round trip with 600 feet of elevation gain.

But here are three ways to enrich and extend this hike, if you want a little adventure — especially in June, which is the best month for a magical Vernooy to-do-y.

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