Doubletop is no longer accessible to the public. It is private land. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

Peak Details

Height:  3,874ft  (1,181m)

Range:  Central Catskills

Level:  Difficult

Scenic:   No/Low

Trail Type:  Private

 Doubletop Hiking Trails & Hikes

mountain summits

Doubletop & Graham CLOSED PERMANENTLY!

Latest info for hiking Graham & Doubletop. Please read. Important changes are being instituted…

rock outcop

Thru-Hike Doubletop, Graham & Balsam Lake

This hike had it all: stream crossings, herd paths, bear prints, a canister, a memorably steep descent, a true bushwhack, a rugged ascent, an ice grotto, some old ruins and, to top it all off, a fire tower with amazing sunset views.

Covered brigde

Hike Doubletop from Seager

Doubletop Mountian is currently closed to public hiking.

 Doubletop Topography

 Summit Forecast: Doubletop

No summit forecast available for this location.

Doubletop Information

 Closed! Graham & Doubletop mountains are no longer accessible to the public. Both mountains are on private land. Trespassers will be prosecuted. The information presented here is for historical puproses only.

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