Doubletop & Graham CLOSED PERMANENTLY!

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Doubletop seen over Graham’s ridge

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Doubletop & Graham Closed to Hiking For Good

 Warning! The canister on Doubletop has been removed. Trespassers on either mountain will be prosecuted.

A 1/13/21 statement by the Catskill 3500 Club begins…

“Doubletop and Graham will no longer be accessible to the public – regardless of whether they are local or not. I share this news with sadness because of all the history the Club has had with these two peaks, but I do not think this will be surprising to those who have been reading the updates. Since the 3500 Club began the list in the 1960s, the Goulds have been very generous in allowing so many hikers over the years to experience these special mountains and we deeply thank them for their openness and access during that time.”

A follow-up statement by the Club begins…

“The 3500 Club Board met on January 31st [2021] and decided that on March 22nd (the first day of spring), the Club tally list will consist of 33 peaks versus the current 35. The four winter climb requirement will remain as is. With Doubletop and Graham permanently closed to public access, we concluded that we will not continue with the current substitutions of South Doubletop and Millbrook Ridge after 3/21. That decision to not add in two other peaks may surprise some of you, but, after much discussion, the vote was unanimous.”

Please check the 3500 Club’s news page for the latest info.

4 responses to “Doubletop & Graham CLOSED PERMANENTLY!

  1. It would be beneficial to reveal the details behind the closer of the property.

    Was it too many cars at the trailhead ?

    Was it too many improperly parked cars at a trailhead ?

    Did somebody cut trees on the property so that a view was made?

    Did somebody go poop in the wrong place?

    Perhaps just too many people in the area at one time?

    Whatever …. an explanation is always helpful to possibly help prevent additional closings.

    And this way everybody can have a better relationship with cause and effect.

    Land and trail closers reasons, if there are any, should be conveyed to the public.

    Yes and of course the Goulds don’t have to give a reason.

    But I certainly would, especially if the good blood before me gave me something that the majority of people who came, came to love and cherish.

    1. Almost everyone is going to tackle it from Biscuit Brook. Plan for a long, tough day. I met some experienced hikers in the area who had started at 8:00am and were just getting back to their cars at 5:15pm or so. By most accounts it’s a draining, difficult, and technical route. Bring your Catskills A-Game.

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