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Contents include one massive erratic boulder at the summit, a solid view of points Ashokan, and a really wonderful pair of lookouts that take in Van Wyck mountain and surrounding lands

 Peekamoose Topography

Peekamoose Details

Height:  3,819ft  (1,164m)

Location:  Southern Catskills

Level:  Moderate

Scenic:   Yes 

Trail Type:  Fully Trailed

Canister:  No

 Peekamoose Weather

Area Forecast

Coming soon.

Summit Forecast

No summit forecast available for this location.

Southern Catskills Hiking Trails

Hiker in the thick of it

Hike “The Six”: Friday, Balsam Cap, Rocky, Lone, Table, Peekamoose

I was definitely nervous to go on this hike. I knew it was long and demanding. It crosses six mountains and some of the gnarliest terrain in the Catskills… Friday Mountain is always hard, but Rocky and Lone are in another league, the two prickliest peaks you can tackle in the Park.

Denning Woods

Hike Table & Peekamoose from Denning

I was not prepared for how much I would fall in love with this hike. I’d heard both summits were low on scenic views so my plan was to just check both peaks off my 3500 list and move on. Wrong. So wrong. 100% dead-ass wrong.

About Peekamoose

Erratic Boulder

This large erratic marks the summit of Peekamoose

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