St. Anne’s Peak

St. Anne’s doesn’t get a ton of traffic. It’s equal parts tranquil and wild.

Peak Details

Height:  3,423ft  (1,043m)

Range:  Northeastern Catskills

Level:  Moderate

Scenic:   No/Low

Trail Type:  Partially Trailed

 St. Anne’s Peak Hiking Trails & Hikes

View from West Kill’s Buck Ridge Lookout

Hike West Kill Mountain via St. Anne’s Peak

This route begins at the very end of the Devil’s Path in Spruceton. Starting with a beautiful section of easy trail through deciduous and old growth stands, you’ll pass giant boulders and a swamp before the hiking turns steep and tough.

 St. Anne’s Peak Topography

 Summit Forecast: St. Anne’s Peak

No summit forecast available for this location.

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