Undivided Lot & Laurel Ledge Loop

A really lovely moderate hike over classic Gunks terrain with scenic views and a fun cave.

Hike Length: 6.6 miles (10.62 km)

Total Ascent: 975ft (297m)

Intensity: Moderate Hike

Route Type: Lollipop

Includes: Blazed Trail, Rock Scrambles

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Trail signpost for Undivided Lot Trail in Mohonk Preserve

Undivided Lot

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 A junction-filled lollipop route.

The Undivided Lot trail at the north end of Mohonk Preserve is quiet and beautiful.

This is a fantastic, short, after-work hike that can be made as long or short as you want.

Tailor it to your needs: treat the first section as an out-and-back, or continue and return via the looping route.

Note: Mohonk Preserve is privately run and requires membership to use its trails. Be aware that the preserve closes at dusk, so get back to your car before any gates are locked for the evening. (This route uses roadside parking with no gates or locks.)

Undivided Lot History

This trail offers a unique glimpse into the region’s history.

Prior to the Revolutionary War, the original 100-acre piece of land, here, was deemed unsuitable for agriculture. To make good use of the parcel, the town designated it as a woodlot for community use, jointly owned by several nearby valley residents. Unlike other properties with defined boundaries, this lot was undivided, and the owners held shares of the wood harvested from it. And so it became known as The Undivided Lot.

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Undivided Lot & Laurel Ledge Loop

The Undivided Lot trail in Mohonk Preserve can be done as an out-and-back from the north end. For this hike, a friend and I came back via a different and very interesting route. This longer route includes…

  • Moderate Gunks hiking
  • Lots of interesting and varied trail
  • Deep rock crevices
  • Ravens
  • Moderate elevation gain — it’s a nice work-out hike
  • Optional rock scrambles
  • Lichen-encrusted rock outcrops
  • Fantastic views of the Catskill Mountains
  • A small but very cool cave system

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful hike, the Undivided Lot Trail in Mohonk Preserve offers a delightful hiking experience.

Allow 3 hours for this hike.

Undivided Lot Trail Notes & Gallery

This trail begins on the east end of Old Clove Road, where the road bends, at a small roadside lot. From there, follow the trail signs into the woods.

The trail is easy to follow, but quite varied in terms of forest and flora.

open woods on the Undivided Lot trail
Lots of trail variety on this route

Keep one eye on the interesting terrain…

split rock Shawangunks
Deep crevice

…and another eye on fantastic views of The Catskills…

The Catskills seen from Undivided Lot Trail in the Shawangunks
The Catskills

All along this section of the Undivided Lot trail, you will often see and hear ravens  soaring and cawing.

The Catskills seen from Undivided Lot Trail in the Shawangunks
The Catskills

These views are on the right (as you head southwest on the trail). Watch for the open rock nubs…

hiker on undivided lot trail
Rocky ledge nub

You can turn around at any point and head back to your car. There are lots of trails in this area so some phone navigation is recommended.

The trail descends into some fun areas…

rocky gunks terrain
Amazing terrain

Laurel Ledge Trail

Look for junctions on the left side of the trail that lead east to the Laurel Ledge trail — a wide flat unpaved road.

My friend and I turned off the Laurel Ledge trail for a short diversion into some classic Shawangunks caves. You can see where we left the main trail on the GPS track that accompanies this guide.

This area is such great fun…

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hiking trail

Return to Undivided Lot

Leaving the caves, we made our way back to the Laurel Ledge trail, turned right and then continued northeast until the trail turned and eventually reconnected with the original Undivided Lot Trail.

From the final junction, it’s only a short distance to your car.

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Trailhead Info for this Hike

Small roadside parking area. It tends to be a little washed out so pull in carefully.

Google Maps Location: 41.791946, -74.142720

The map below shows the exact topographic location of the trailhead

Cell Service

Decent cell service for most of this hike. My network is Verizon. YMMV.