9+ Best Catskills Hiking Groups Online

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Hikers helping each other

Kaaterskill Falls Viewing Deck

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Connect safely with fellow hikers online

Here’s a list of my favorite online groups dedicated to the Catskills and hiking and associated topics. If you have other recommendations, feel free to hit the comments below.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll also find a list of the most relevant hashtags to follow on Instagram — where there’s a vibrant Catskills hiking community.

Other resources you might enjoy include this list of hiking safety posts, and these lists of family friendly hikes, easy hikes and challenging hikes.

Catskills Hiking Groups

Catskill Mountains Happy Hikers


  • 1,100+ members
  • Run by Sean Powers who keeps things kind

Hiking the Catskills


  • 2,000+ members
  • Run by Moe and Jeff who know the Catskills deeply

Catskills Trails, Hiking, Camping & Stewardship


  • 4,400+ members
  • Run by the Catskills Center

Aspiring Catskills 35ers


  • 4,300+ members
  • Run by Lou Berrios

Catskills Subreddit


  • 4,500+ members
  • Very well run group

More Catskills Hiking Groups

bear prints in snow / catskills hiking groups list
Fresh bear prints

Identifying Wildlife Tracks – Catskills Region


  • 240+ members
  • Run by Heather Rolland
  • Especially great in winter for identifying snow tracks.

The Catskill Geologist


  • 1,800+ Members
  • Run by Robert Titus and Brian Layman

Hiking the Hudson Valley and Beyond


  • 68,300+ members
  • Created August 2015

Hudson Valley Hikers


  • 46,500+ Members
  • The biggest social hiking group for our area

Catskills Hiking on Instagram

You can also follow these tags on Instagram to connect with other Catskills hikers. You’ll quickly notice the same accounts popping up again and again. I’m on Instagram as TotalCatskills.

Bonus Content…

TriState Area

New York Tristate Lady Hiker Goddesses

A no judgement place for women only to share hikes, ideas for hikes, find hiking friends, support each other.


  • 2,100+ Members
  • Private group
  • Vicki Ferreira is the admin

New Hampshire

Hike the 4000 footers of NH!


  • 60,000+ Members
  • Supportive, encouraging, thoughtful, respectful group

A quick shout-out to this group which a friend says is, “Hands down the most positive and supportive group. A recent post from a newbie winter hiker the other day garnered 200+ comments offering useful advice without an iota of snark.”

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