This steep, prominent mountain rewards hikers with incredible views of the Ashokan Reservoir and Burroughs Range.

Peak Details

Height:  2,510ft  (765m)

Range:  Southern Catskills

Level:  Difficult

Scenic:   Very  

Trail Type:  Partially Trailed

 Ticetonyk Hiking Trails & Hikes


Bushwhack Ticetonyk South Ridge

A steep bushwhack through old farmland, dotted with stone fences, to excellent unique views.

scenic catskills view

7 Amazing Scenic Catskills Views You Don’t Know

The best scenic Catskills views? Often, they’re not the ones you'll find in any guidebook.

orange steel and concrete bridge

Ashokan Rail Trail

Take a leisurely nature stroll (or cycle) along the scenic Ashokan Rail Trail, a premier Catskills destination.


Ticetonyk Mountain Trail to West View

I figured Ticetonyk was beautifully positioned to have great views — but I had no idea. Ticetonyk’s lookouts are now among my favorites in The Catskills.

fishing dock, pond, mountains, trees, catskills

Kenneth L. Wilson State Campground Nature Trail

This kid-friendly nature trail winds through mature hemlock, spruce, and red/white pine woods between Ticetonyk Mountain and Mt Tobias. There are views of Wittenberg and Cornell, and the campground amenities are top notch.

 Seasonal Notes for Ticetonyk

Popular with hunters, so make sure you wear orange during hunting season.

 Ticetonyk Topography

 Summit Forecast: Ticetonyk

The page URL below shows the weather at Ticetonyk’s summit for the next six days.

If a foreacast for a peak is not directly available, this page may display a link to a nearby location.


Ticetonyk Information

Ticetonyk Mountain is a steep, prominent lower Catskills mountain on the north side of the Ashokan Reservoir, near Phoenicia, New York.

Ticetonyk Meaning

The name “Ticetonyk” is taken directly from the name “Matthias Ten Eyck” and is pronounced “tyce-tahn-ike”.

Harpers Magazine (Volume 54 from 1877) refers to the mountain as “Tys ten Eyck”.

The mountain is also described as “Tys ten Eyck” in a 1944 New York State Museum Bulletin, published by The University of the State of New York, which describes local mountain names thusly:

“These names appear on maps in much corrupted forms, such as Ticetonyk and Tonshi. ’Tys is a Dutch abbreviation for Mattys (Matthew or Matthias), while Taantje means auntie and on the oldest maps we find it as Taantje Hoek, auntie’s corners, at a road intersection. This last name and Ohayo (“Ohio”) mountain have been much shifted around on the maps or inter-changed.”

Ticetonyk Prominence

Although not one of the Catskills High Peaks, Ticetonyk is highly recognizable due to its triangular shape, steep slopes, and commanding location. It is the 8th most prominent mountain in the Catskills.

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