7 Amazing Scenic Catskills Views You Don’t Know

scenic catskills view

West view from Ticetonyk Mountain

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The best views in New York aren’t where you’d expect

The best scenic Catskills views? Often, they’re not the ones you’ll find in any guidebook.

None of these seven amazing scenic Catskills views are summit views. (Only one is even on a Catskills High Peak!) But each lookout proves that high peak summits have no monopoly on the most dramatic, or most beautiful, views.

Indeed, many of the best Catskills scenery is found deep among the ridges and furrows of these amazing mountains.

Here are seven great secret spots

Best Scenic Catskills Views

Ticetonyk Trail to West View

This new trail on the north side of the Ashokan Reservoir is non-technical, but pretty steep.

It leads to an amazing lookout with a grand view (see above) of the Burroughs Range, and a sweet partial view of the reservoir (see below) too.

scenic catskills view
West view from Ticetonyk Mountain

Be sure to check out the ledge to the left of the boulder (to see some also some old-timey chiseled graffiti).

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View of Wittenberg from Mount Pleasant Ledge

The hike to Romer’s summit is locally popular for good reason: the trail is crazy beautiful. The hike from Romer out to Mount Pleasant is less travelled — but absolutely worth it: it leads to one of the most spectacular vistas in the Catskills.

view of wittenberg
The best view of Wittenberg in The Catskills

Above, the view in summer. Below, the same view in spring.

scenic catskills view
View from Mountain Pleasant

This is the late spring view, before the lush green has kicked in for the summer. I can’t wait to get back out to this spot and take some full bloom shots. This is absolutely one of my favorite scenic Catskills views.

Echo Lake from Plattekill

You’ll have to work hard to find this view which is at the top of a small set of cliffs — but getting there requires bushwhacking through some dense mountain laurel — and this is rattlesnake terrain.

But, oh, this view…

scenic catskills view
View from Plattekill Mountain

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