Catskill Mountains Happy Hikers Facebook Group

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Catskill Mountains Happy Hikers

Image © Sean Powers

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A new social group has launched on Facebook that provides a much-needed positive social hub for Catskills hikers.

Started by Sean Powers, and moderated with the help of Matthew Clarke, Catskill Mountains Happy Hikers is a place where you are welcome to share your happy moments hiking in the Catskill Mountains.

Whether you’re setting out on your first walk in the woods, or are an experienced hiker, this is a judgement free group designed for everyone to share questions and ideas — as well as trail conditions, hiking tips, gear reviews, photos, events, aspirations, and accomplishments! Post what makes you happy!

We are all like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who find happiness and tranquility on the trail. Let’s carry that positivity from the trail to this page and be kind to one another — we all come from different backgrounds and have different experience and knowledge in the woods.

IMPORTANT: In this group, insults, beratement, and bullying will not be tolerated. If you don’t have anything positive to say, keep it to yourself or express your discontent on another group page. One warning will be given to anyone caught spreading negativity on this page. If you disregard the warning, you will be banned immediately.

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