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When Does Hiking Season End in the Catskills?

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Hiking trail, Wittenberg, Catskills

Hiking trail, heading up Wittenberg

Look, I don’t want to be rude but seriously?

Okay, so, in 2020 we had a particularly early end to the leaf peeping season. By the first weekend of October, the Adirondacks were called — prematurely IMO — with the Catskills a week or two behind.

But when does hiking season end? Hiking doesn’t end. Hiking never ends. We never stop.

Columbus Day? No.

Halloween? No.

Thanksgiving? No.

Christmas? No.

New Year’s Day? Definitely not — I did the best hike in the Catskills on January 1st.

Fall, Shoulder, Winter

Fall brings some of the best hiking weather.

autumnal trail
Spruceton trail

With the leaves off the trees, many hidden views open up. We get cooler temperatures. Moodier cloudscapes. Later sunrises.

Plus, it’s mushroom season.

Before the really cold weather comes, we have a shoulder season — late October, November, into December — until the bitter snow arrives.

But even then, somehow winter brings even better hiking weather…

Winter hiking has converted me from a winter-dreader to a winter-lover

Amazing bluebird days. Frozen lakes, white peaks and white hollows. And the air — crisp and clean and clear. Ravens cawing in the cloudless sky. It’s unbelievable.

In the mountains, there’s just so much beauty, so much real life winter wonderland to wander through.

snow-covered trees on hiking trail
Serious winter wonderland on the trail to Balsam Lake

Winter is now my favorite season to hike.

Bonus Beneifts: we all suffer in the winter from not getting out enough, not exercising enough, not seeing friends enough. During the year’s darkest, hardest days, a winter hike with friends is a brilliant way to boost your mood, your energy, and your life.

Winter Hiking Gear: hat, gloves, ice axe
Hat, Ice Axe, Mitts

There’s no such thing as bad weather—only bad clothes

That’s what the Scandinavians say. They like their kids to be outside as much as possible, and being outside does not stop for snow.

In America, we’ve caught up. We know about base layers, liner socks, smart wool, gaiters, mid-layers, soft-shells and hard-shells. We’ve got great buffs, hats, gloves and mittens. Hand warmers and balaclavas. All set.

Our winter gear is also top notch. Trail crampons, 12-point crampons, snow shoes, ice axes.

Modern winter hikers have most of this gear, if not all of it, in their winter arsenals.

Check out this comprehensive Winter Hiking Kit List and learn how to stay warm and safe. Fall is also a great time to pick up some solid deals.

With research and planning, you can extend your hiking right through the fourth — and greatest — hiking season.

When does hiking season end? Hiking never ends…

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