Open Space Institute Secures 871 Acres Near Ashokan High Point

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Ashokan Reservoir

Looking across the Ashokan Reservoir toward Ashokan High Point

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The Open Space Institute has just announced the acquisition of two properties adjacent to the Catskill Park’s Sundown Wild Forest.

The parcels add to the system of contiguous conserved lands in the region. This is good news for the park and for the environment as a whole: intact, protected forests provide a key role in storing and absorbing carbon — when land is left largely undisturbed, a greater amount of carbon is retained in the soil and trees.

Good News For Catskills Hikers

The newly-protected properties have the potential to serve as a new access point to the Ashokan High Point hiking trail. Once the properties are fully transferred to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), it will be one of the largest additions to the park in recent years.

Full Details Here: Open Space Institute Protects Forested Properties Adjacent to the Catskill’s Sundown Wild Forest

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