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sunset over mountain peaks

Huckleberry Point at sunset

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Hiking Trail Description

I’m pleased to announce that many of my best photos are now for sale, framed, via an exclusive deal with

You can also just buy the image and print/frame it however you like.

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Want more options? You can order any image from my Instagram account @TotalCatskills — just DM to get the ball rolling!


Example frames and framing costs — though my custom code will get you 15% off all framing costs…

Example frames and costs

How it works…

  1. You choose a photo from one of the above galleries
  2. You send payment via PayPal
  3. I send you the full resolution (unwatermarked) photo file
  4. I provide a custom discount code that gets you 15% off up to 5 frames from KeepsakeFrames
  5. Using the high-resolution photo file, you order the frame of your choice from Keepsake who handle all framing and shipping costs separately, and ship direct to you — their process is super simple, which is a big plus

Note: You can also just purchase the file to print at home, or to upload to your preferred photo print service.

Want more options?

You can order any image from my Instagram account @TotalCatskills — just DM to get the ball rolling!

How it helps…

I’m based in Kingston, New York and every week I hike the Catskills. These mountains are my back yard. By supporting my photography, you are supporting someone who lives locally — and someone who loves The Catskills deeply.

Your purchase also directly supports the Catskills Mountains. 10% of my photo-sales profits will be donated to rotating Catskills hiking groups and charities, on a monthly basis. Donation details will appear in the comments below.

I hope you love your purchase today!

Thank you!


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