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DPS1: Dawn light on Hunter Mountain

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Giant Ledge, Dawn

Four images shot around dawn at the height of fall foliage leaf-peeping season in the Catskills. That morning, I was the only person on the mountain to watch the dawn, having hiked up in the dark. By the time anyone else arrived, well after the sun had risen, these incredible moments were long gone.

Tremper Mountain, Dawn

The 360° view from Tremper Mountain’s fire tower is insane: so many Catskill 3500 Peaks are visible all around, and sunrise hits them all beautifully. The morning fog seen in the first image was burned away in 10 minutes flat — truly fleeting stuff.

Overlook Mountain, Dawn

Hands down, this is the most spectacular dawn I’ve ever witnessed. The views from Overlook Mountain are always incredible but it’s just bananas at dawn: the sun rises over the Taconic Mountains in the east and slowly floods the Hudson Valley with a mind-altering light show. Once again, I was the only person on the summit to witness this morning. (I had the fire tower to myself for almost an hour!)

Ashokan High Point, Summer Sunset

Ashokan High Point is a one of the most popular destinations in The Catskills, but almost nobody bushwhacks out to Little Ashokan for this spectacular view. (In fairness, it’s a difficult, very sketchy, trail-less hike.)

Huckleberry Point, Sunset

This short hike is a perennial Catskill favorite. In this case, my daughter and I were the last two people at the viewpoint. Everybody else had hiked off the mountain before dark — missing an absolutely banger sunset…

Devil’s Path, Sunrises & Sunsets

A selection of Catskills sunrises and sunsets direct from the Devil’s Path…

Sun Selections

A selection of sunrises and sunset images from the Catskills and Adirondacks…

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