The Sketchiest Hike in the Catskills

This is the sketchiest hike I’ve done in The Catskills — and the most fun

Hike Length: 2.4 miles (3.86 km)

Total Ascent: 1,100ft (335m)

Intensity: Hardest Catskills Hike

Route Type: Out-and-Back

Includes: Blazed Trail, Herd Path, Easy Bushwhack, Rock Scrambles

Parent : Location Hidden

Scenic Mountain View from Indian Head Overlook

View from the top

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This is the sketchiest hike I’ve done in The Catskills — and 100% the most fun

If you thought the sketchiest hike in the Catskills would be the Devil’s Path, it’s not. This bushwhack hike is much shorter — and much sketchier! But, if you got here via Google, you can check out my Devils’s Path Ultimate Guide.

Friends and I discovered the top of this super sketchy Catskills route on a previous hike when we spotted climbing equipment left in position at a scenic lookout.

After digging around online, I found an unofficial herd path leads up to the lookout from below.

I had no idea what to expect, only that the hike would be sketchy because it involved climbing gear that had been put in place by parties unknown and left exposed to the elements for who-knows-how-long.

However, the sketchiest hike in The Catskills definitely turned out to be the funnest hike in The Catskills.

This route includes…

  • An moderate hike in
  • Then a very steep climb to the base of…
  • Imposing, sheer cliffs
  • Followed by rock-climbing ropes of unknown provenance and uncertain condition
  • A sketchy ascent via the sketchy ropes (verges, IMO, on rock-climbing)
  • Potential for catastrophic injury and death
  • Jaw-dropping scenic views from three lookouts
  • A tricky descent via rope or…
  • A long, safe, fully-trailed exit

This is a secret spot.

 Warning! No joke, this is a dangerous hike. There is a high chance of being injured on this route. Undertake 100% at your own risk. You must assess for yourself. Turn back if you’re even a tiny bit uncomfortable with assuming the risks.

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