Where to See the Best New York Fall Foliage 2021

Fall Foliage Report

Fall Foliage 2021 Week 8

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It’s over for 2021

It’s been a weird year for the foliage. At November 15, we still have a few patches of green but the oak leaves are mostly brown and the maple leaves are all but off the trees. Certainly, the hills look very brown right now. The big show is over.

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Week 8: Oct 27-Nov 2

“Beautiful peak fall colors will be emerging in the Finger Lakes and throughout portions of the Hudson Valley this weekend, while near-peak and peak colors will arrive on Long Island. Foliage change has been uneven this season and travelers may find that some areas classified as peak and near-peak contain an abundance of green leaves.”

Most Catskill locations are moving from peak to post-peak — but in some locations the show is once again extended.

A rainstorm blew threw and knocked many leaves from the trees. This may be the final week of glorious leaf colors. However, there is also still plenty of green out there. It’s such a weird year.

Here’s what things looked like on Plateau & Daley Ridge on Saturday, October 23 — up high and down low…

scenic Mountain View
View from Daley Ridge lookout
hikers hiking in fall foliage
Hikers on Plateau in Fall

Week 7

Here’s what things looked like on Indian Head (eastern Catskills) on Wednesday, October 20…

Hiker in woods fall 2021
Indian Head, Fall 2021
woods fall 2021
Indian Head, Fall 2021

Week 6

Here’s what things looked like at the Pepacton Reservoir (western Catskills) on Wednesday, October 13…

fall foliage New York
Fall Foliage at Pepacton Reservoir
fall foliage New York
Fall Foliage at Pepacton Reservoir

This weekend, however, a cold snap is coming. Things may change radically next week.

ILOVENY.COM has an up-to-date interactive map you can bookmark at…

Reports are obtained from volunteer field observers and reflect expected color conditions for the coming weekend. Reports are issued every Wednesday afternoon.

You can also follow their Instagram at instagram.com/iloveny/ for updates direct to your Insta feed.

I Love NY urges travelers to follow all COVID-related public health and safety guidelines while enjoying the foliage this season.

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