Where are the Catskill Mountains?

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Where are the Catskills?

The Catskill Mountains are located in New York State, just south of Albany and just west of the Hudson River.

The range sits mostly inside the Catskill Park which consists of 700,000 acres of constitutionally protected land marked by a blue line boundary that spans four counties: Delaware, Greene, Sullivan, and Ulster.

How Many Mountains are in The Catskills?

There are over 100 peaks in The Catskills, with 35 or so peaks having summits above 3500 feet in elevation.

Two of those summits are above 4000 foot in elevation:

The Eastern Catskills are higher in elevation, rising sharply and ruggedly from the flat Hudson Valley to their east. The range lowers and flattens as it spreads westward into the Allegheny Plateau.

Are The Catskills Mountains Actually Mountains?

No. The Catskill mountains are not mountains.

The Catskills range is, in fact, a massive dissected plateau.

Many of the “valleys” are in fact cloves — enormous gorges ground out of the rock bed by glaciers and ice-water.

How Far are the Catskills from New York City?

By road, the Catskills are about 100 miles north of New York City. The trip takes two hours by car.

As the crow flies, Ashokan High Point is about 80 miles north northwest from Central Park.

What Other Features Are in The Catskills?

The Catskills are home to several ski resorts, many luxury resorts, dozens of historic sites, snowmobile trails, lakes and streams for swimming and fishing, and the tallest waterfall in New York State.

Panther Mountain is the site of an ancient meteor impact crater.

There are dozens of primitive and public campsites where you can enjoy backcountry camping.

There are over 350 miles of well-maintained hiking trails in the Catskills. These trails are suitable for all levels of ability, with many easy hikesdifficult hikes, and options in between.

If you don’t want to tackle one of the six amazing fire towers, you can opt to stroll in the backcountry on some of New York’s finest nature walks.

There are also many kid-friendly hiking trails.

The Catskills also contain several major reservoirs that feed New York City, most notably the Ashokan, Pepacton and Neversink reservoirs.

Finally, there are many wonderful places to eat in the Catskills for hikers and tourists.

What Are The Catskills Famous For?

The Catskills have a long and rich history. They are the site of the infamous Woodstock festival, the birth of fly-fishing, the birthplace of the Hudson River School of Painting and some pretty hacky stand-up comedy.

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