Best Places to Eat in the Catskills for Hikers 2020

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Circle W Market

Circle W Market Palenville

This up-to-date list of the best Catskills cafes and restaurants will help make your next Catskills hike extra-awesome

I love Phoenicia Diner on Rte 28 for a glorious post-hike chow. So many great dishes, and their Bourbon Milkshake is such a fantastic adult treat.

Circle W Market in Palenville is a superb place to pick up food before you hit the hills. Their sandwiches are hefty enough for two people to share for lunch, or for one person planning a long day on the trail. Their coffee game is strong, too.

The wood-fired pizza dough at Okaley’s in Arkville is almost naan-like in its texture and deliciousness.

Kingston Bread + Bar is brand new and a great addition to my town. Crazy good breads, rolls, sandwiches, plus wine and beer…

The Best Hiker Diners, Pizzerias, Smokehouses, Restaurants, Burger Joints, German and Mexican Restaurants, Cafés and Donut Shops in the Catskills

Vouched For by Knowledgable Catskills Hikers

The following list was compiled with feedback from the Catskills Trail Conditions group on Facebook and the Catskills SubReddit. These are two excellent resources. The FB group, in particular, is extremely active and helpful.


= Visited / Recommended
= Visited / Extra Awesome

Route 28: Boiceville, Mt Tremper, Phoenicia, Big Indian, Arkville

Great if you’re heading to Balsam Lake, Slide, Panther, Wittenberg, Peekamoose, Table, etc.

These locations are listed as they appear on Route 28 as you drive east to west.

East Catskills: Kingston, Woodstock, Saugerties

Great if you’re heading to Overlook or the Eastern Devil’s Path: Indian Head, Twin, Plateau, Sugarloaf, etc.

Tannersville: Devil’s Path

Great if you’re heading to Indian Head, Twin, Plateau, Sugarloaf, Hunter, West Kill.

Northern Catskills: Palenville, Hunter, West Kill, Windham

Great if you’re heading to West Kill, Windham, Blackhead, Black Dome, etc. (Also good if you’re hitting the Eastern Devil’s Path when Platte Clove Rd is closed in Winter.)

Mixed Reviews

  • Woodstock Brewery in Phoenicia “fine” and “meh”
  • J Rocco’s on 28 in Shandaken “post-hike soul food” but also “f**king terrible”
  • Maggie’s Krooked Cafe in Tannersville good, but service is a little… quirky?

I hope these places help make your next hike extra awesome. If you have good or bad experiences in any of these locations, please comment below. I’ll keep the page updated with recent feedback.

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