Tremper Mountain Fire Tower Classic Hike

This short, steep trail is one of the most popular routes in the Catskills because the view from the Fire Tower is truly extraordinary.

Hike Length: 6.0 miles (9.66 km)

Total Ascent: 1,900ft (579m)

Intensity: Moderate Catskills Hike

Route Type: Out-and-Back

Includes: Blazed Trail

Parent Tremper

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footbridge by roadside

Footbridge 1

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 A quick out-and-back to superb fire tower views.

Hiking Trail Description

Tremper Mountain Fire Tower offers incredible 360° views of dozens of classic Catskill mountains.

AllTrails rates this trail as difficult — and this route has the reputation of being steep — but it felt moderate to me. 1,950 feet of elevation gain over 3 miles is only 650 feet of elevation gain per mile. That’s not too bad, really. I was tired at the top, for sure, but the grade is a pretty consistent 30-35° almost the whole way.

There are plenty of steeper trails in the Catskills where the grade approaches and exceeds 45°/100% for long stretches: the west and east sides of Plateau, Becker Hollow on Hunter, Lost Clove, etc.

Climbing Tremper Mountain from any direction is definitely a huffer, but it’s not killer-level.

Compare this route with a quieter trail to the Tremper fire tower from Willow.

Parking Area

The lot for this very popular hike is large and long. It’s right on what the NYNJTC map calls Old Route 28 but what Google Maps calls Mt Tremper-Phoenicia Road. I got there by turning right off Route 28 (traveling west from Kingston), then left at the crossroads in Mt Tremper. Very straightforward.

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Tremper Mountain Fire Tower Hiking Trail

I started this hike at 4:30 am to get to the summit by sunrise, so a few of these pics are in darkness. Later, on my way back down, I reverse-shot the route in sunlight so you can see the key waypoints.

trailhead sign
Trailhead sign for Mt Tremper

There are two small footbridges at the start of the trail…

footbridge by roadside
Footbridge 1
One of two footbridges at the start of this hike

There are a few short steep sections right away…

sunrise woods
Trail uphill, sunrise

…but the trail is not hard, and you even lose a little elevation on the way to the first junction.

trail register
Trail register at junction

At this junction, turn right and head uphill along the old jeep trail.

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The Climb

From the junction, the red-blazed Phoenicia Trail leads to the summit in about 2½ miles via a steep climb and a series of very helpful switchbacks.

deciduous woods at sunrise
Forest sunrise

At 1400’ or so you’ll see a large quarry in the woods to your left.

quarry in woods
Quarry / rattlesnakes

This is the quarry on Mt Tremper where many many timber rattlesnakes are said to den together. It’s at 42.07217, -74.29413 and very close to the trail — but actually, even here, seeing a rattler is quite rare.

 Warning! In warmer months, this hike includes potential exposure to rattlesnakes.

A little further along, I noticed some Hemlock Woolly Adelgid on 3-4 hemlock trees…

HWA on hemlock tree
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

I later reported this infestation using the iMapInvasives app.

After the quarry, the first switchback curves sharply to the left around a hairpin turn to ease your climb.

Baldwin Memorial Lean-To

At 2100’, after climbing short steep section and turning right around a corner, you’ll notice a small trail to your right. This leads to the first to two lean-tos on Mt Tremper, the very beautifully situated Baldwin Memorial Lean-To.

lean-to in woods
Baldwin Memorial Lean-To

Tremper Mountain Spring

Back on the main trail, at 2250’, a very short side trail leads to a spring. Great place to soak a bandana or refill your water — just make sure to filter or treat it to make it potable.

pipe spring in woods
Spring pipe

Tremper Mountain Lean-To & Fire Tower

After about 3 miles in total, you’ll pass the second lean-to on your left. On this morning, another hiker was sleeping in the lean-to with her dog so I didn’t take a photo.

The trail continues north and east via the Warner Creek trail (blue blazes) Jessop Road in Willow, or to Silver Hollow / Plateau / Edgewood.

wooden signs
Summit trail s

Tremper Mountain Fire Tower

The DEC describes the tower: “This fire tower is believed to be the original structure built circa 1917, and used for fire observation until 1971. The 47-foot tower was placed in its present location because of the vast sections of forest preserve not visible from either the Hunter or Belleayre fire towers.”

fire tower seen from the bottom
Tremper Mountain Fire Tower

If the cabin is locked, just take your shots from the steps below the cabin. You can still enjoy amazing views in all directions.

Tremper Mountain Fire Tower Views

The fire tower is not oriented strictly north/south. It’s oriented northwest/southeast.

Look first at the reservoir, which is almost directly south. This is the west side of the reservoir, where the Boiceville trailhead for the Ashokan Rail Trail is located.

Now work you way clockwise, from left to right. The main points on display in order are…


mountain and reservoir view
Looking south

South West

  • Mount Pleasant (the long low mountain)
  • Look over Mount Pleasant to see Wittenberg’s distinctive shark fin in the distance
  • On Wittenberg‘s left: Friday & Balsam Cap
  • On Wittenberg’s right: Slide Mountain

mountain peaks in distance
Burroughs Range

mountain peaks
Wittenberg & Slide Mtn


  • Now, looking directly west you can see Giant Ledge and Panther
  • To their right: Balsam & Belleayre
  • Next: Halcott & Sleeping Lion
  • Next: Mount Sherrill & North Dome

Giant ledge on the left, Panther in the middle, Balsam on the right…

panther mountain summit
Panther Mountain

Close-up of Giant Ledge

giant ledge seen in distance
Giant Ledge

By now, you have turned almost 180° and are looking north…


  • St Anne’s Peak and West Kill which (at 355°) is almost directly due north
  • To their right: Southwest Hunter & Hunter Mountain

mountain ridges in distance
St Anne’s Peak & West Kill

Hunter Mountain in Distance
Hunter Mountain & Plateau

North East

layers of mountains
Looking through Stony Clove notch to Lockwood Gap


  • The large mountain nearby is Tremper’s northeastern lobe
  • Behind it: Plateau’s long flat summit ridge — it’s about 2 miles in length
  • Olderbark obscures Sugarloaf (the only Devil’s Path mountain you can’t see from the tower)
  • Twin & Indian Head
  • Plattekill & Overlook
  • Look directly east (90°) just over Overlook’s lower ridge to the Southern Taconics: Mount Frissell, Brace & South Brace (40 miles away)
  • Mount Tobias sits to the right of Cooper LakeLooking through Stony Clove notch to Lockwood Gap

tremper in shadow
Tremper’s other lobe

scenic mountain view
Mount Tobias at Sunrise

dawn mist in valley

And then, finally, you’re back looking south to Ticetonyk and the Ashokan Reservoir.

This is such an amazing view. Tremper Mountain is spectacularly and centrally located. It’s surrounded by so many Catskill 3500 mountains and beautiful lower peaks.

I can’t wait to revisit this tower in winter for the snowy version of these views.


Including stop-offs and rests, the climb to the summit took me about 1h 49m. The trek straight back down to the parking area took 1h 29m.

Similar Hikes

For its amazing scenic views alone, this is definitely one of the best hikes in the area.

It is a moderate Catskill hike that some people may find difficult.

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The parent mountain for this hike is Tremper.

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Trailhead Info for this Hike

Large, busy lot serving one of the most popular hikes in the Catskills. (DEC says 10 car capacity.)

Google Maps Location: 42.066106, -74.303294

The map below shows the exact topographic location of the trailhead

Cell Service

None at trailhead. Okay LTE signal up high. My network is Verizon. YMMV.